Share your love to books with your friends and family.

The Platform for Booklovers

Bookshare makes it so easy to share your books with friends and family. Just add your books to your library and your loved ones will see which book they might be able to borrow from you.


Discover the latest New York Times Bestseller within Bookshare which are updated on a weekly basis.


Not sure which book to gift your mum for her birthday. Gain access to her wishlist to see which book she would love to have in her shelf next.

Connect with Friends

Easily connect with your loved-ones - via scanning their Bookshare QR Code - or by sending your Bookshare Code. Bookshare will handle the rest.

the latest Bestseller

Thanks to the New York Times we are able to provide you with the latest and greatest book news coming straight to Bookshare. Browse through the new comers and discover new books.

Save all
your Books
in your Library

Bookshare makes it very easy to add your books into your Library. Simply scan the ISBN code on the back of a book and let the App do the rest. You can also search for your book and add it manually.

Browse through

The smart layout combines beautiful design with a structured overview of the book you are a discovering and see immediately if one of your friends has it alrady added to their library.

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Have a quick look at the beautiful app below...

Are you a vendor?

If you own a bookshop and want to be part of the Bookshare platform to collaborate or advertise your products, don't hesitate and reach out to our sales department.

Grow your sales and market reach with Bookshare

Get sales preference before Amazon through location services

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