I'm giving away my books

Take up to five for free. Just pay about $5 for shipping. No strings attached.

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Why are you doing this?

I'm moving to San Francisco in April and can't take all of my 100+ books with me. I want them to go to good homes.

How much is shipping?

About $5. I'm using USPS Media Mail, so it's only ~$1 per pound after the first pound. I ask you to cover the price of the box and credit card processing fee, too.

What kinds of books?

Everything. Fiction, to non-fiction, to technical books. I love to read. Check out the "Genre Listing" if you're only looking for a particular type.

Super cool! I want my own bookshare!

Awesome! Bookshare.io is just an experiment right now and it's only setup for me to give away my books. Sign up for the mailing list and I'll let you know if I develop it into something more.

I put all of the code on GitHub, so if you're comfortable hosting your own, you can grab it here.

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Who's doing this?

Hi! I'm Steve Corona. I'm the Head of API at Life360, I used to be CTO at a little company called Twitpic. I'm FINALLY moving to San Francisco and giving away all of my books. I made this site to give them away.

I like writing too. Check out my blog on life hacking. If you're into PHP, I literally wrote the book on scaling— check out my self-published book, Scaling PHP Applications.